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We are a voluntary sector nursery with charitable status, working in partnership with the council to provide pre-school education in the Blackhall Primary School catchment area. We have a close relationship with Blackhall Primary School as well as other schools and businesses in the community.

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With a long and varied career in the Early Learning and Childcare sector I’m really interested in innovative models and was intrigued by the parent led model at Blackhall. I’m full of admiration for the way the service was established and has developed during its lifetime, for the excellent parent committee and the parent Board members who give up their time to ensure their children have an exceptional early years’ experience.


The more involved I’ve become, and the more I’ve seen of the day to day running of the nursery, the more impressed I am. The management team and the early learning practitioners work tirelessly and professionally to deliver high quality early learning. Children attending the nursery are empowered to lead their own learning, they are confident, happy, and proud of their nursery.


Our Nursery Manager, Gillian, is incredibly knowledgeable and shares her expertise not only with her own team but also with the wider sector, where her advice and opinions are valued and respected.


Our Nursery is run by qualified childcare professionals with support from a voluntary Board of Directors and a Parent Committee.  We have a higher than required ratio of staff to children as research has indicated that this is the most important factor in early years education.

Our staff are dedicated to providing the very best learning and nurturing experience for each child in our care.  


At Blackhall Nursery our aim is to inspire curiosity, independence and a life-long love of learning that enables our children to fulfil their potential and be active contributors to our community and the wider world. Our values are woven through everything we do. Our values are:


Kindness is doing something for someone else, not because they can’t, but because you can.

Inclusion is knowing and showing that everyone belongs, no exceptions.


Respect is speaking and acting in a way that shows you care -about yourself, other people and the world.


Responsibility is making your own decisions and accepting the consequences of your actions.


Integrity is doing the right thing, even if it is the harder thing.


Confidence is not always being right but knowing that it is okay to be wrong.


Click to read more about our Visions, Aims and Values.


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Click here to read some of the fantastic feedback we received from parents. 


Blackhall Community Trust (BCT) was formed in 2016 to enable the Blackhall community to take ownership of the current nursery building ‘Ravelston Park Pavilion’ and to redevelop it into a community-run building housing Blackhall Nursery and a new space for community use.  Please visit the Trust’s website to learn more about the journey to date, and if you would like to show your support, or to get involved, please apply for Trust membership (free) by completing an application form on their website. The more members the better!  
Blackhall Nursery and its families support the work of BCT and we work with them towards the shared goal of a wonderful, new nursery building in the future. 

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