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At Blackhall Nursery our aim is to inspire curiosity, independence and a life-long love of learning that enables our children to fulfil their potential and be active contributors to our community and the wider world. Our values are woven through everything we do.


In order to do this, it is crucial that everyone can answer the question, ‘what do we want for our children and how will we work together to achieve this?’


Curriculum Principles

We follow the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and offer play-based learning experiences with a strong emphasis on child-centred play pedagogy that creates challenge and enjoyment, breadth, progression, depth, personalisation and choice, coherence and relevance. 

The Curriculum for Excellence consists of eight areas of learning;

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • Expressive Arts

  • Religious and Moral Education

  • Social Studies

  • Sciences

  • Technologies


We teach these areas through an environment of;

  • Quality interactions

  • Interesting spaces

  • Experiences set in meaningful context

We plan ‘in the moment’. Staff recognise the value of play and use their knowledge of the children and their experience of the Curriculum for Excellence to develop ideas as they come across them without restraint. We assess the child’s understanding in that moment, support them with new vocabulary or ideas and thus ensure progression.


When children show high levels of involvement that is when there is progress and development happening and when the brain is at its most active. High level involvement occurs when children are able to pursue their own interests in an enabling environment, supported by skilled staff. Planning in the Moment helps to make this possible.


On occasion, we will offer intentional promotion of new learning, for example; festivals and celebrations, transition to school, Book Week etc. These promotions aim to introduce new ideas but also value and uphold the rights of each child, who will always have the right to choose if, or how, they wish to participate. 


We strive to encourage our children to be:

  • Successful learners

  • Confident individuals

  • Responsible citizens

  • Effective contributors

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Through the Curriculum for Excellence, children are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their own learning and for the choices they make. Personal Learning Planning is a key part of this process, which we have developed through "All About Me" books and the use of the Class Dojo app which allows parents to access their children's learning at any time.


All children are involved in recording their own learning in the form of pictures, photos, writing and their individual learning goals. The Nursery staff make observations and assess the children's progress continuously and the children get a great sense of achievement as these accomplishments are acknowledged in their ‘All About Me’ books. 

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Your child's learning and progress is recorded in their 'All About Me' books and these are shared with families regularly. We operate an open-door policy and encourage two way sharing of any information affecting your child.


There are opportunities throughout the year to meet with staff, to 'Stay and Play' and to volunteer on trips, outings and special events. We use the Class Dojo app to share photographs and information of your child's time in Nursery day to day. 

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