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Nursery hours are:
Mon - Fri 08.25 - 14.35
An additional hour
may be 
available 14.35 -15.35 


At drop-off and pick-up we ask parents/carers to wait by the entrance gate (please ring bell on arrival).

We would be grateful if parents/carers could be prompt for drop-off and pick-up. If you are delayed for any reason, please contact the Nursery on 0131 332 8296 to let us know.

It is important to notify staff in advance if anyone other than your child's Nominated Parent/Carer is collecting them.


On Arrival

Children arrive, hang up their coat on their own special peg in the cloakroom and say goodbye to their parent/carer.

Play Time

We are very child-led and the children choose how to spend their day. The door to our back garden is always open to allow free-flow between indoors and outdoors. We follow the children’s interests to explore various themes and always have a wide range of daily activities to inspire and entertain the children. Some of these include: messy/sensory play, arts and crafts, mark making, role playing, construction play, small world toys, technology, dancing and using outdoor play equipment. The children also enjoy a cosy, quiet area for resting and listening to stories. 

Snack & Lunch Time

We offer rolling morning snack and lunchtimes so that the children can choose when they would like to go for snack/meal during the session. Children staying for the ‘additional hour’ in the afternoon are offered an extra snack during this time. 

Tidy Up Time

We demonstrate our value of responsibility by working together to tidy up at the end of the day. 

Gather Time 

We gather on the rug for a story and a sing song before parents/carers arrive to collect the children. Sometimes we also use this time to play a game or learn some sign language.

Other Activities

We are fortunate to be situated next to Ravelston woods and enjoy regular woodland walks. We have strong links with the community and may attend various events at Blackhall St Columba’s Church throughout the year and their Minister visits us regularly at the Nursery. We also work with our local community Police and Fire & Rescue teams to educate and inspire the children. Parents are encouraged to share any special skills they might have with the children too, such as learning about different cultures, yoga, gardening, talking about their job and more!

Nature walk
children wood working
child reading
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